Shelley’s Haiga Rice, arugula, garlic chives, mustard seed & lemon , and Raw Asparagus Salad

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If there was one thing about my wedding that I was nervous about, it was the food. I had been to so many events where the dinner was cold, or chicken rubbery, and I hated the idea of spending all that money just to serve 200 people a mediocre meal.

I did tastings with a few fancy NY caterers, and was underwhelmed. One even dared to over-salt the salad. Unacceptable. Then I found Shelley Boris. Adam and I visited her up at The Garrison Institute, the meditation retreat where she is based, and for which she caters. We spent all afternoon not just tasting, but critiquing, brainstorming, adjusting and getting excited about new ideas for a menu. Totally unpretentious, no pomp and circumstance, just amazing food made with love. It felt a lot like collaborating in the studio, which makes sense because Shelley is an artist, by training and at heart.

At the end of our wedding reception, the recurring comment from friends and family was, “the food was great, like eating at your house, but better.” Based in the Hudson River Valley, Shelley’s company, Fresh Company, manages the lunch stand at Storm King Art Center, caters every meal at The Garrison Institute, and takes on some pretty fancy weddings on the weekends. Somehow, Shelley found the time to publish a Cookbook, Fresh Cookingjust released last month. We made two salads in celebration of this major accomplishment, using asparagus grown in The Institute vegetable garden.

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